söndag 22 januari 2012

Activity course, childrens sport

Thursday evening and whole day of Saturday I participated in a course arranged by NIF (Norges Idrotts Forbund), that focused on how to activate children in the different sports we teach, train or coach. There were mostly people there who coached football or gymnastics for children below 10 years old.

It's not every day you get to run around and play like a child when you're an adult, and it was great fun to see that everyone participated whole heartedly in every game no matter how childish it was.

This course has given me a lot of inspiration, and I'm getting more and more confident in my pedagogical side. Some of the games can also be used for adults, with some tweaks, which suits me since I'm not an instructor for children.

What we were reminded of is that children learn by playing. So we instructors need to have a plan what one type of games teaches the children. Is it to build up for a technique, is it strength training, or balance training? Even for adults this is important. What does this exercise teach us? How can we build on what we've learned and take it with us to the different karate techniques?

One interesting thing with meeting other trainers from different kinds of sports was that very few of them seemed to actually be actively training themselves in the sport. I believe that us instructors from our karate club has the edge here, since we are all training ourselves to become better in karate and thus can become better instructors through that.

After this course I'm looking forward to planning more exercises and teaching people karate. Too bad I have to wait three weeks before my next training with the beginners...

Picture by: Sofia Danielsson

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