söndag 22 januari 2012

The importance of stretching

Both after training on Tuesday and after the course on Thursday I forgot to stretch my hip muscles. This resulted in my groin muscles on both sides tensing up, and me walking like an old granny on Friday. And I'm sure the icy roads didn't really help in keeping a correct posture and using the right muscles...

During the full day of playing around like a kid yesterday I stretched my hips in the breaks, and this seems to have helped a bit as I don't feel as stale today. I also applied some Tiger Balm in the beginning of the day and after lunch to help warm up the groin muscles a bit before we started.

We did some side step jumps on Thursday and I could immediately feel some stinging in my hip muscle on the right side. I don't know if this has a connection with me forgetting to stretch on Tuesday or not. Let's hope it is, and let's hope it won't happen again!

So in the future I have to remember to stretch my hip muscles after every training session to avoid this problem.

Picture from http://www.grimstadkarate.no/

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