onsdag 25 januari 2012

Judge B certificate

Last night the people from the club who had taken the theoretical course to become a Judge went over to Vågsbygd Karate in Kristiansand to take the practical test. It went fairly well, we were coached through the whole thing by Erik Støen who is leader in NKF Judge/Referee comity.

The whole thing was quite harmless, and the karatekas who helped us were really patient with us noob judges, so when saying the wrong commands in Japanese we could all just laugh it off and relax a bit more to get confident in judging and refereeing.

This weekend some of us will go to Oslo for a Judge/Referee workshop together with 30-40 others to practice on the new rules, and how to assess different scenarios.

We will also practice some Shitei katas. As I've mentioned earlier I have practised on Jion and will try to learn Seichan which is Shorin Ryu's Hangetsu. So that one will probably be fairly easy to learn to "walk".

I will bring my netbook with me to Oslo and try to update when we're at the hotel. But I'm guessing we will be fairly dead after long days with all the theory and practice we're going to do.

Picture from http://www.grimstadkarate.no/

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