måndag 30 januari 2012

Judge/Referee Workshop in Oslo

And so the workshop is over, and we're back in Grimstad with loads of inspiration and ideas. The weekend was really fun with a lot of karate talk between different styles, and not least between us judges from Grimstad.

It took us 5 hours to drive all the way up to Oslo on Friday afternoon, and all the way we talked. There was nothing stopping us to share experiences and talk about the coming weekend.

Friday evening all judges and referees met up to talk about the new rules and different protocols. Almost everyone met up in their uniforms. On Saturday we met up in the dojo in our gi's to go through some Shitei katas like Jion, Seienchin and Chinto. We also got flag on some kata and kumite. The children participating were really awesome for their age, and has inspired us to get the children in our club some more motivation to become better.

During Saturday evening seven of us met up for dinner and a few laughs at restaurant Egon. Too bad so few met up, otherwise this would have been a great evening for us new to get to know people.

The weekend ended with discussions on how to improve the judge/referee environment so that everyone can feel welcome and get motivated to participate at competitions. It felt that everyone had good things to say and wanted to make changes. As a new person in to this, I couldn't really participate in the discussions, but it was very interesting to hear what people had to say.

On our way back, we of course couldn't shut up, so we talked yet for another four hours on our way back down south. I think we covered almost every aspect of our club, and how to improve it and get some new fresh air in to every member. I just hope this will last, and that our little club can impress on the big shots not too far in to the future.

Picture by Øistein Holm Haagensen

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