söndag 15 januari 2012

So the training begins

Finally the dojo has opened, and the training has started! It has been a soft start, but that's a good thing. I'm guessing most of the karateka in the club hasn't been able to train that much during the holidays.

This semester I have to train up some old things and some new ones, both inside and outside the dojo. I have to teach myself to walk with a straight back and with a proper sway in the lower back. This I have been practising on when I'm taking walks with the dog. I tried being conscious about it during training this week (at least in kata), and it feels like I'm getting better balance and technique from it.

My sensei does some sort of gripping with her feet when she stands in shizen dachi. Most of us has thought this being kinda funny, cos it makes her toes curl. But it's actually its own technique, which makes it easier to have control on the floor surface whether it be mats, wooden floors or whatever. This makes also the legs tense up a bit, and is for me hard to keep up for a longer period of time. I just have to keep practising :)

What most people in the club needs to work with is the lifting of the back food when doing gyakuzuki. I think I have the technique down when doing it slowly, now I just have to transfer it to kumite etc.

Also since I have weak muscles from before, I have to be more aware to use my core muscles correctly, to tense them up a bit more during techniques and kata to get a better base to work with.

Next week we start up the beginners group, for which I will be one of the trainers. It will be interesting to see what type of gang we will get this semester. Last semesters beginners were really good, though we had the luxury to get some that had already trained some sort of martial art and some of them knew each other from before. So it made most trainings easier.

I will also participate in a course for children's activity training on Thursday evening and the whole of Saturday. I have heard this is a great course from others in my club that has taken it before.

On Tuesday my chiropractor will visit our club and give us instructors some tips on some strength exercises that are good for us to use. She has visited us before Christmas to see how we train and how we move.

Time to whip our karatekas in to shape ;)

Picture by: Jørund Vedumsdalen

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