onsdag 18 januari 2012


Every weekend I do my own strength exercises combined with practising karate techniques. I try to go through the whole body, and try to focus on my core muscles as they are the biggest problem I have considering my injury in the hip muscles.

The program consists of exersizes for the obliques, seat muscles, back, chest and arms. Afterwards I practise my short foot technique while standing in shizen dachi. Yesterday when my chiropractor came to visit she explained more in detail how this technique works and how we can train it up to be effective for the rest of the body.

I can now feel that my body is starting to use the right muscle groups, i.e. the large muscles. The Christmas break must have done my body some good :)

Next week I have my practical exam for becoming a judge, and the following weekend I'm headed up to Oslo for a judge/referee workshop. And for that purpose I have practised the Shitei kata Jion. I felt the techniques in this kata rather simple, so it was easy to learn at least the order of the techniques and which way to turn and walk. Afterwards I tried memorising the shitei kata Seienchin. This one was a bit more problematic, as it has many techniques I have never myself practised, and the walk in the kata is a bit more different than in the other katas we have in Shorin Ryu.

I cannot say that I execute the Jion kata any good, but at least I know how to walk through it and I can recognise it in a competition. Tonight I will try to practise Seienchin, after I've had my evening snack...

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