söndag 8 januari 2012

Theoretical judge course

This weekend I have participated in a course to become judge for karate competitions. I don't have any ambitions in becoming one just yet, but I'm interested in trying out the waters as a coach for my club. So I took the course to learn more about the rules and all the different signs the judge and referee performs during a bout, either in kata or kumite.

We were only six taking the course, five including me from my club. Kind of a poor turn up, and it felt like most of us really doesn't want to become judges. But hey, you never know where the road takes you until you actually take it :)

Since the rules were new for all of us (they came in to power January 1st this year), we had a lot of questions and even the instructor had to look things up in his papers, which led to some good discussions and hopefully made some of us smarter (?).

Today, Sunday, we took the theoretical test and all of us passed. So the potential of us becoming judges has increased by 50%. Now we just have to pass a practical exam, which seems a bit harder to pass as you have to participate as a judge at a NKF (Norwegian Karate Federation) competition and get someone to supervise your judging.

The course was good fun, and it was interesting to learn more about the procedures and the new rules. The most fun was to play around with the clubs new flags, as they make an awesome snapping sound when you give points, warnings and penalties!

Just a side note on my own progression. On Saturday evening I managed to squeeze in an hour of strength exercise between studying blocks. Today I'm a bit sore, and it feels like I did the exact amount of reps on everything without over doing it. And of course my metabolism sky rocketed and I had to get up and have a glass of milk around 12 am to be able to sleep...

In the future I will have to think more about having something more sufficient to eat for dinner than two crisp breads with cheese and chicken for late dinner on the days I train or do spontaneous strength exercises. But all will fall in to place when the dojo opens again next week, and I will get in to a routine with training and eating.

Picture by: Sofia Danielsson

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