torsdag 16 februari 2012

Guest trainers

Last night three of us instructors went over to a local athlete school to be guest trainers. We held three sessions, the two first were for kids below 12 years. Last session was the smallest one with only six 12 year olds.

The first two parties got to try out some punching, blocks and kicks, mixed up with a few games. At the end of the first party I performed the kata Bassai Dai, just to show them something a bit more fancy than what they got to try out themselves. I can still not believe how nervous I was doing that kata in front of those kids, they don't know if I mess up!

Since the last party was such a small group and only boys, we did some alternate training where they got to kick their partner with control. They were all really good, and showed us that they had control and seemed to have a good time trying out martial arts.

All of the kids did a really good job, and I was impressed with their efforts. Lets just hope that they found it to be a fun training and that some of them might want to take up karate next semester.

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