lördag 11 februari 2012

Learning Useishi kata, plus physical strength

As you have probably guessed by now, I prefer training kata and techniques before kumite. I like the preciseness and the concentration in kata, and I love perfecting every technique.

One day when I was sick last spring, I brought my camera to training and filmed my sensei teaching the kata Useishi. I had totally forgotten about it until recently. So today, this boring Saturday afternoon, I decided to learn it.

(I apologise for the poor sound quality, but that's the reality of having to share a hall with ball bouncers...)

This kata is one of the highest ones in the Shorin Ryu Shobayashi system

It went fairly easy, even though it's hard to do a kata in a small apartment I have at least learned the pattern and the order of the techniques. I am now looking forward to improving it and learning the right speed, pauses and kiais.

On a side note, I have since the beginning of January gained a little over 1 kg in weight. I can feel that my muscles has become firmer and I can more easily stand in lower stances than before.

I am a little freaked out how fast it's going. What I can recall, I have never weighed more than 53 kg. I don't want it to go too fast, because I want to gain weight by muscles not fat. Right now I probably weigh around 52.5 kg.

But it feels good, and I have more energy for training now. Not just in the dojo, but during the off-days as well.

Weight: 52.5 kg

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