onsdag 1 februari 2012

Raik Tietze

Yesterday we got a visit from basic training expert and Jiu Jitsu world champion Raik Tietze. He taught us loads of good strength exercises for warming up hips, side muscles and legs, and also strength and activation exercises for both dynamic and static movements.

To learn our body to move correctly we need to tell the nervous system to activate the right muscle when we do different techniques and exercises.

A few of those exercises I had gotten from my chiropractor to practice. But a lot of them were new for all of us, even for one of our instructors who has trained martial art for over 10 years.

Not many of them felt hard to do, but today I can say my muscles are a bit stiff. I must have activated the right muscles as I don't have any excessive troubles with my hip muscles today! Though I still have some soreness from this weekend...

We had a great turn up last night, 22 karateka's met up to participate in this "once in a lifetime event", as my sensei put it :)

Pictures from www.grimstadkarate.no

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