tisdag 28 februari 2012

Regional competition, east coast

Surprisingly enough, I haven't felt much in my hips since the beginning of last week! It just tingles sometimes as a reminder that there is still something there, and I'm not rid of it just yet. I've done my strength training on Sunday and today, Tuesday. Last training for this week will be in Thursday. Because this weekend five of us are going to Sarpsborg, south east of Oslo, for a regional competition!

I'm tagging along as coach for our three participants, while our sensei is going to be a judge. This is my first time doing some real coaching, and first competition for four of us outside our own region. We're going to sleep in the organising clubs dojo to save some money.

The trip will take between 5-6 hours, depending on the traffic and the schedule of the ferry we have to take. That leaves us a lot of time to discuss everything before the competition on Saturday.

This trip will be really fun, and I hope all of our participants do well in the competition. Hopefully this will spark some more interest for competitions in our club!

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