tisdag 21 februari 2012

Warming up

Just as important as stretching after training is the importance of warming up before training.

I have recently been going to the dojo on Mondays to help out with the children and youth trainings. And almost after every one of these evenings I have gotten some trouble with my side muscle on the left hip (remember it started with an injury on the right hip). When I've held beginner classes, or when I've trained myself, I have never gotten this problem. And I think it's because on these days I have always met up about 20-30 minutes earlier to warm up and prepare the right muscles for training.

Since this problem has occurred several times now the past few weeks I called up my chiropractor. I got told to continue to cool down the left side after training, to see if the body corrects this itself. Otherwise I will have to book a visit on Monday next week.

What I have started doing recently as warm up are a few of the techniques Raik Tietze went through on his visit. So I do a lot of rotation exercises to start up my obliques. I also do some light fist hammering on my obliques, back and seat muscles to start them up. Afterwards I walk a bit back and forth in zenkutsu dachi, and if time allows I do one or two kata and really think over my stances and techniques. This gives me a pretty good over all warm up before the actual training starts without me becoming too tired to train.

Hopefully these troubles will end soon and I will be able to train like normal without me having to use my icepack several times after training.

Picture by: Eivor Mathilde

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