söndag 25 mars 2012

The Contract

When my sensei gets committed, she gets committed!

In the car on our way back from the Regional East Competition she convinced me that we should each write a contract for ourselves that should contain how much we plan to train and our diet.

But since my sensei always has too much to do at any given time, it took a while before we wrote anything. But in the car on our way to and from the Norwegian Championship we managed to write the letters. I believe my senseis letter became about 1 page long, while mine is at half a page.

This is due to me already having a routine on most things. So I don't really need a reminder to take my vitamins or take long walks with the dog. Might be that I need a reminder the day I get a job...

Though I'm still not that good at eating my veggies, so that I had to add on the list.

The plan is to have these contracts and let each other know how we're doing, if we are cheating or if we're not able to commit to everything that we have put down, and also give each other support.

My contract:
* Eat fish once a week, to begin with.
* Have some sort of vegetable to each meal (like arugola, avocado or frijoles fritas).
* Exchange white pasta with whole grain pasta.
* After a time, the 2 rice portions that are made can be divided in to 3 portions as the meal portion will contain more vegetables.

* The training plan is just for starters to see that the body functions as it should and to built up a routine that can be sustainable for a longer period of time. It is also to build up cardio and over all strength. The program can be expanded with desired type of training.
* Karate twice a week.
* Strength exercise program once a week.
* Running once a week.

Although I have been doing my strength exercises almost every week since January, it's good to have it on the list. Maybe I will be able to expand it to twice a week? I will definitely have to build a separate program for when the dojo is closed during the summer, and also try to go training at the other club's summer training.

But let me know what you think about this contract in the comments. Is it a good idea? What would you put down on your list?

Picture from www.grimstadkarate.no

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