måndag 12 mars 2012

Shorin Ryu Championship

It's been a while since I wrote last. I planned to write a summary from the weekend on Sunday, but I caught something at the competition and have been lying down for a couple of days with a soar throat and fever.

The competition went well. We had 27 participants in different ages, and contributed with five judges. I myself participated in my kata class (females above 16 years, 1 kyu - 1 dan). We only had three participants in this class, including me. So I did Bassai Dai, lost the round and got in third place.

The rest of the day I represented the club as coach. It was really stressful keeping track of all the boys in their class, making sure they wore the right colour, if they were through to the next round etcetera. We got in third place both in kata and kumite in the youth class. For almost everyone not having been at a competition before, they were really brave and did a very good job in their classes.

The other classes were a bit more manageable, as we didn't have that many participants. Samir did a really good job in his cadet class and took third place.

We had three yellow belts participating that are not so used to competitions yet, but for being beginners they hung in there and did their best in all their rounds. They even participated in the kumite team class, and took second place. There were only two teams though.

I'm still not used to coaching, it's something I have to practice on. Now, thinking back, I think I'm yelling out too many instructions during a bout. I don't know if this is because our participants aren't that skilled in competitions or if I'm stressed and trying to make them do everything at once. It's something to reflect about and take with me in other competitions.

This weekend it's the Norwegian Championship, and four of us from the club is going to participate as judges. This is my first time as a judge at a competition and should be interesting. I'll have to read through the rules a couple of times before Friday, and I guess we'll have to quiz each other in the car on our way up there.

Picture from www.grimstadkarate.no

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