torsdag 5 april 2012

My kata

At the moment I'm struggling with getting to the next step in my katas. There are so many aspects I can improve on it's getting a bit overwhelming. When paying a visit at Vågsbygd this monday, I got some more pointers on what I need to improve. First of all I need to learn to move my arms the same time I move my legs to take a step. Apparently I wasn't doing that before! I could feel the difference between the movements, but I kept forgetting it. So it's something I really have to work on.

Below you can see me doing Bassai Dai at the SKAN- competition. It's not my best Bassai Dai. I feel I did it better before Christmas last year.

Somehow I also need to get my katas to look a bit more intimidating, but it's hard to improve on it as it feels like I'm doing the best I can. Perhaps the arms and leg movement will make it look and feel better once I re-learn every kata...

I know I will never finish on improving, and that's the fun part!

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