fredag 20 april 2012


For the past 2 weeks everything in my life seems to have been standing still. I've had little or no motivation to do anything. It's not the training that's not inspiring any more, but it has affected my training. Sometimes everyone hits a mental snag now and then in life, and this has been one of mine. And due to that I haven't had much to write about... But life goes on and I'm mentally feeling better again and am able to train again.

This weekend we're having a club camp, ending on Sunday with a club championship. I'm participating as a judge this time, although it would have been fun to participate as a karateka. Maybe next time! We're also having a guest trainer on Saturday from our mother- club Vågsbygd. It'll be fun to get some more inspiration from the "outside" of our little club. Though we have few participants, it will be fun having a camp just for the club!

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