söndag 6 maj 2012

On the right path!

Last week I had yet another visit to the chiropractor to loosen up both my hip and my back. After the treatment we had a talk about what the outlook of my karate future looks like. She told me I have to slow down on all the rotating kicks. For example, instead of kicking 100 times I should stop at 50. And it seems like my body takes extra long time to build up and learn than most other bodies, so I have to take that in to consideration. Plus she was a bit disappointed in my glute- strength, so I got yet another exercise to start them up again.

Of course this is not something you would like to hear. But it also gives me motivation to keep on training and improving my strength and technique so that I can hopefully train normally some day.

On Wednesday this week I had a revisit, due to my back still being stale. We had a bit more ingoing talk about everything and she answered my questions I had written to her in an e-mail the week before. It was still the same, do less of the rotating kicks, but stick with strength exercise, stretching and massaging the muscles I have trouble with. And it seemed like she also was positive about my training plan. So it felt like I got some kind of closure on this whole ordeal, and a lot more motivation to continue training and improving for the black belt test next summer!

Though, if the hip troubles are coming back during the summer they might get an x-ray on my hips, because then it'll point on this being something chronic. I'm hoping these last visits has been because of me not being consequent with the stretching and strength exercising, and I expect to feel a big difference after the summer when I have had more time to focus on strength rather than karate. Hopefully it will help to stabilise my hips.

I'm also planning on ordering a foam roller to help with massaging the stale muscles. Up to now I have used a 1,5 litre soda bottle filled with water to massage. But I don't feel its effective enough. Plus I'm a bit scared of putting to much weight on it. I don't want it to explode all over the flat!

So even if all of this is sounding a bit depressing, I'm keeping a positive mind. I do believe this is a hurdle I will be able to get over. Maybe I won't be able to kick to the head, but I do believe that one day I will be able to do all of the rotating kicks with perfect technique! I just have to keep at it, and just let things take the time it needs.

Picture by: Jørund Vedumsdalen
Foam roller picture: Foam roller

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