lördag 19 maj 2012

Things are starting to happen

A lot has happened these past few weeks. Had a few important visits with the chiropractor, got a full time job, went to the doctor to take some tests, training with Watanabe sensei, Norway's National Day, and today was the belt exam for some of the clubs karatekas.

Things are changing, some for the better, some for the worse. As I have started working full time I do not yet have the energy to also train late at night. But I'm counting on building up some stamina to be able to do so. Though there are only a few trainings left before the dojo closes. But for now, I have to be in bed at 22:00 at the latest to be able to function as normal at work.

I'm starting to learn my hips' limit, I almost crossed it this week at training with Watanabe sensei on Monday, regular training on Tuesday and celebrating Norway's National Day on Thursday. But tomorrow I will try to do my full program of strength exercises.

As for the test I took. They were just to see that all my blood values are normal etc, due to me feeling a bit tired a few weeks ago. I'm still waiting to hear the results. Though am hoping to hear nothing, as that means my values are normal, and that my tiredness was just bad timing of different things.

Today's exam went well for our karatekas, not all of them got new belts but that just means we have something to work for and improve on until next time! And I hope everyone will pass at Christmas.

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