söndag 15 juli 2012

Protein supplements

As you well know I'm having trouble gaining the weight in muscle mass. And it's now more apparent to me that my diet alone isn't enough to gain the weight that I want. I'm still bobbing around 52-53 kilos.

So I've started drinking protein shakes every evening. I've bought two different sorts. One slow, to drink just before I go to bed, and one fast to drink after I've worked out.

I've tried having protein before, but then I only had it right after I've worked out. And the sort I had contained loads of sugar, so it was hard getting a good nights sleep. Plus it was hard for my stomach to digest, and I sometimes felt queasy when I was lying down.

This is not just to gain weight, but also to be able to build muscles and become stronger, as I still need much more strength if I'm to be able to be as explosive in kumite and kata as I want to be. But as my sensei told me, it seems like my body wants to be tiny...

The clerk told me I can put the shake in the fridge to make it into a dessert. I was imagining it to become more like a chocolate mousse or pudding, but it only became cold and had the same consistency as before. So that was a bit of a let down! Or maybe I just need a blender to mix it properly?

Anyhow, this new supplement tastes good, is gentle to my stomach and contains no sugar. So it works out nicely drinking it before bed. I now just have to see if it will help with building muscles :)

Picture by: Sofia Danielsson

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