måndag 20 augusti 2012

Dojo is finally open!

August is almost over and incredibly the politicians have been nice to let us in to the dojo a month earlier than usual! So the club has started lightly with training the first couple of weeks and are now up and running in full swing!

I'm consciously trying to take it easy now in the beginning (easier said than done!) to see that everything works the way it should. So far I would say it has. Although I was a bit too happy with starting karate again, I overburdened my right hip a wee bit and was stale for a few days. Lesson learned, I was extra careful the following week and did some stretching in the middle of training by myself and presto! it was all better :)

Building up strength during the summer has given me a head start in the race to get to 100% again, and a few steps closer to belt exam next summer. Am really pleased with the results so far, but am not where I want to be just yet. I will continue to do my weekly strength exercises. In a while I'll start doing some cardio interval training. I get some from kumite training, but that is not nearly enough.

This is also my second semester as a trainer for the youths group. Now that I've gotten to know them a bit more both in the dojo and at the camp it's a bit easier to communicate.

Am looking forward to see what challenges this new semester will bring, and I will work hard (but controlled) with my own training!

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