lördag 6 oktober 2012

Gym visits

During my trip home to Sweden this week I had the opportunity to use the gym in my parents building. To switch up my routines a bit I went down three times to work out.

On Tuesday I did squats with 5 kilo weights on either side of the bar. This seems to have been a tad too much for my front thighs, as my right front thigh has been really stale the following three days. Today, four days after, it has felt better and I was able to do squats but only 5x3, as I didn't want to overload the muscle again.

The gym itself was really basic with some cardio machines, some free weights, a bench press and a yoga matt, but it was sufficient to do some basic training. As I couldn't train my legs that much I focused mostly on core and upper body.

It would be really great if I had the opportunity to go to a gym and do some extra training so that I can more easily switch my routines up. But unfortunately I neither have the time nor the money to pay for a gym membership at the moment.

Since I'm not that disciplined to go out running, a gym membership would give me an opportunity to go to spinning classes which I enjoy very much. But no classes at either of the gyms close to me fit in to my daily schedule...

Being at the gym three times this week has made me realise I need to up my training a bit to reach my goal, increase either the weights or up the sets from 3 to 4. But I do feel stronger, and I have gained some muscle mass all over my body. Though I still feel I need more strength and stamina. But am well on my way :)

Picures by: Sofia Danielsson

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