söndag 14 oktober 2012

Southern Championship 2012

Yesterday our club participated in the Southern Championship in Mandal, Norway. I represented the club as a judge together with my sensei and sempai. This was my second time as a judge, and I think it went pretty well.

We also participated with seven karatekas, and brought back a silver medal in kumite. Everyone did very well in the competition and I can see that all has improved since last time, which is really great!

The day went really fast, and we were done with everything at 2 o'clock which must be a record! Most of us are used to competitions ending around 4 or 5 o'clock in the afternoon. But there was very few participants this year, due to some registration complications.

The next competition will be organised by our club in Grimstad on November 17th, and I'm hoping more from the club will shine with their presence. I think I will participate as a judge again, just to get some more practice. It takes time to develop a good eye so that the right karateka wins.

I still feel it hard to judge in kata if both competitors are equal, and also in kumite when there are lots of action and many things happening at once to see a scoring technique. I feel I did a better job at the Norwegian Championship than yesterday. But I just have to see this as a good experience.

After the competition the whole club met up down town for some pizza and chatting, which was a really nice ending to a good day :)

Pictures by: Maren Hardeland Øvsthus

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