söndag 18 november 2012

My strength program!

For once I'm remembering to post my new exercise routine. As I said in the "Chiropractor visit" post, I need to focus more on training my hamstrings and glutes. So I've found two exercises that seems ideal for this, the Goblet Chair Squat and the Bridge exercise. Down below you can see my new routine and also a small description explaining each exercise or linking to a video that describes the exercise.

Exercise Reps x Set Explanation
Goblet Chair Squat 10x4 See video.
Bridge exercise 10x4 I do this with my feet up on a chair. See video.
Foot lift 10x3 Stand on one foot, and lift yourself up on the ball of the foot slowly.
Triceps dip 10x4 There's a quick clip showing the triceps dip done with a chair in this video.
Corkscrew 8x3 I'm doing this exercise with a 2kg dumbbell. See video.
Seated row 12x4 Using an Exertube around my feet, pulling my arms in with elbows close to the body.
Back lifts series 12/erxercise Lifting upper body, lifting legs, lifting both upper body and legs, and last lifting opposite arm and leg. See video.
Oblique exercises 20/exercise
I switch these up depending what I feel like doing that day. Taking my inspiration from these videos:
Video 1
Video 2
Lower abs exercise 20 Lying on my back with feet up towards the ceiling, kicking my feet up. See video.

I will do the full program every Sunday, and then some chosen exercises between karate training days depending what muscles are sore that day.

During the summer I took pictures to follow my progress, but have during the autumn forgotten to do this. I took pictures today and will try to do it every other week. Time to start getting serious about progress again!

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