torsdag 22 november 2012

Regional Championship, South

Last weekend our club arranged a regional competition with over 50 starters. Many of the close by clubs participated, but we also had a club from Oslo shine with its presence.

Our club contributed with four judges, three karatekas and our sensei as coach. Our karatekas started in four classes, three kumite and one kata, and got medals in every class!

The day started early for us, laying out the mats, fixing spots for the secretaries to sit, rigging up the sound etcetera. But we managed to have it up and going a little after 10 am. Me and sempai sat in the registration to check all participants off the list and check their weight. It was not an easy job as our lists were not in a particularly good order. But we made it work.

Not only did we get karatekas from Oslo, we also had two referees join our ranks. It was really great to have so many experienced referees help out, and us new got some more tips to further improve our judge-skills.

The competition started off with kata on both mats. Most of the times there was a clear winner, but we had one bout that was really close. It ended 3-2 in favour of Aka. Even the experienced referees/judges said it was a close call.

After lunch we continued with the kumite. We had some exciting bouts here as well, not least the ones with our own clubs participants! They all did great, and deserved their shiny medals!

The atmosphere in the hall was really great, and you could feel the positivity everywhere. It seems like everyone had a great day, and our club is really proud with all the effort everyone had put in. I hope to see many more participants next time we arrange a competition, not least from Oslo and Stavanger!

Picture by: Maren H. Øvsthus and Sofia Danielsson

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