torsdag 15 november 2012

SKAN training session, and bunkai seminar

Sunday 11/11 all of the Shorin Ryu clubs around the area met up in Søgne for some kata and competition training

We started off with a warm up, and then divided us up in different kata groups. One for the Pinan katas, one for Bassai Dai and Sho, one for the Naihanchin katas, and the last for the higher up katas. As I'm going for black belt next summer I focused on Bassai and Naihanchin katas. I'm starting to get hang of Bassai Sho, but still hesitate on some turnings and techniques. I just have to practice it more often!

After lunch we put down some mats and us judges changed to our judge/referee clothes. As our club is arranging a regional competition now on Saturday I think the practice was much appreciated.

We started off with kata, followed by kumite. All the participants got some helpful tips after each round. Since this was really casual, we also gave some tips in the middle of the bouts, telling the karateka why we gave points or penalties etc.

Afterwards I got to talking with Andre Petersen who is planning to start up a training seminar for instructors that will focus on bunkai ala Iain Abernethy. If you don't know who Iain is, look him up on youtube or his webpage.

The whole thing is just on a planning stage, but will be very good and interesting when it gets up in full swing!

Picture by: Sofia Danielsson

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