lördag 3 november 2012

Trainer 1 part 2 course

Last weekend me and some of my fellow trainers in the club participated in a course arranged by the Norwegian Martial Arts Association. It started Friday evening and ended Sunday afternoon, and consisted in both theory and practical applications of different training methods.

I had already encountered many of the warm up techniques during Raiks' visit to our club, as the course was mostly about basic training for martial arts. But it was a good way to freshen up the memory of the different techniques.

During the theoretical part we learned more about how the muscles work, how they react when we do techniques, and what muscle groups are working together. We also learned when its appropriate to do dynamic and static stretching, and after what type of training the different types of stretching is best to use.

On the Saturday we were divided into four groups, and all groups got a theme for a 20 minute training session to present on the Sunday. Our groups theme was legs and speed. We started off with a game using dumbbells. Each team had to stand in line and pass the dumbbells back and forth. It looked that they had fun doing it. Our main part consisted of circle training where we had three stations. This part we could have planned a little better as all three stations consisted of front leg exercises.

All in all it was a very educational course with a lot of interesting theory and fun practice. I have now taken part 2 and 3. Part 1 will be held sometime in January next year. After that I'm done with the Trainer 1 course.

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Picture by: Sofia Danielsson

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