fredag 28 december 2012

Belt exams, part 2

On December 12 and 13 our club had belt exams for children, and youth and grown ups respectively. Both days had really strong exams and everyone got new belts. Though we had to put restrictions on some of the youths, telling them they either had to wait a year for their next exam or that us instructors have t give them permission.

Never the less I’m really proud of my students and they have all progressed and I can see that they are growing in to their belts and showing more respect the older and higher belts they get.

On December 18 it was time for our three blue belts for their brown belt exam in Vågsbygd KK. One had to withdraw as he still has continuous problems with one of his lower legs.

The other two did their best during the exam. They were both nervous both before and during the exam, and it didn’t really help that they got a couple surprise techniques during the kihon part. Their kata looked better, and more like they do it during training and both stood their ground during the kumite.

Sadly, due to their stances and lack of hip movements, they didn’t make it to 1st kyu. Afterwards they both had very insightful things to say, and they weren’t let down. And for that I’m very proud of both of my good karateka friends.

Afterwards we decided to have a couple of debrief burgers, and we shared some stories and laughs before the Christmas Holidays started. A belt is in the end just a belt, and what matters is if you have fun during training and enjoy the company.

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