tisdag 11 december 2012

Belt exams!

This week it's time for our karatekas to show us what they have learned the past semester. I'm starting to get nervous myself! Will our lovely students pass and get a higher belt? Have we trained on all the essential things this semester?

When I first started as an instructor I trained beginners once a week for one year. Now I'm instructing the youths in our club for an hour every Thursday. It's a really nice gang of kids with a lot of energy, and I hope all of them do their very best on the exam on Thursday!

My best friend is also having her first belt exam, and I know she is plenty nervous. But she has all our support and I know she will do well!

We also have three blue belts that are going up to 1st kyu. They will do this in our mother club in Kristiansand (Vågsbygd KK) Tuesday next week. Me and a few others from the club are going over there to show our support.

After their exam there is the black belt exam. This is the last black belt exam I will be able to see before my own exam this summer, so will be a good opportunity to see what type of techniques and level I can expect!

I'm wishing all who are going up for their next belt good luck and "ganbatte"!

Picture by: Eivor Mathilde

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