söndag 6 januari 2013

2012 recap

Well everyone else seems to have written one of these, so why not me too eh? :)

The start of 2012 has been a continuous uncertainty about my hip and my general strength. Spring was all about starting over again and finding what works for me. I found a pretty good pace, but still couldn't participate as much as I wanted.

In January I became a certified Judge in karate and participated at the Workshop later that month and in March at the Norwegian Championship, judging my very first competition! I also took a children's activity weekend course to learn more about pedagogy and also to get more ideas to my youth trainings.

At the end of spring I started working full time for the first time in my life. It was tough on my body and mind starting work early, ending it late and then have the energy to go train in the evenings. But I soon found a balance that worked for me.

Summer was all about strength training and foam rolling for me. Three times a week I did my exercises, ending it with stretching and massaging (foam roller = best buy 2012!) This made me come over a big hurdle. My hip muscles started working as they should, I felt stronger and more stable when lifting things. My posture was getting more and more perfect!

Training started in August, and now karate seemed to help me more than being a hindrance. I felt more explosive in my techniques, I had gotten more balance in my kata. And most important of all, I could feel the right muscles being used more and more! I could participate more at training taking fewer and shorter breaks.

Then I got the stubborn virus in September, and I was sick for two weeks and had to use a third week to recuperate! I had no energy to do more than I had to at work, so there was not much energy left for training. Even walking the dog was tiresome!

Straight after I started a new job, learning new things yet again that drained my energy from training more than at the dojo. This time it took longer for me to find a good energy balance (am still not sure if I've found it yet), and some nights I had trouble sleeping, having to get up and eat several times a night.

During the autumn I also participated in the Trainer 1 Part 2 weekend course. I now only miss part 1 before I have taken all courses for Trainer 1. These are basic courses that are recommended for all trainers to take. I will take part 1 some time during this spring.

I feel I could have done more strength training during the autumn, but so many energy draining things happened I just had to let my body rest before I did anything else.

Some of the troubles are still here for 2013. Yes, my muscles has become stronger and my hip is getting better. But I still have to build more strength and stretch out my hip muscles. Not to become more flexible but so that it won't become stale so that I will injure myself again.

I've been preparing for my black belt exam since last exam a year ago. I'm feeling more and more prepared, but I still need to work on my strength and get my endurance up a couple of notches!

The plan is still to continue with my strength exercises (more than I did in the autumn), and do cardio once either every other week or every week. I have to see what my energy level tells me.

Pictures by: Sofia Danielsson, Eivor Mathilde

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