fredag 18 januari 2013

Not done yet

Nope, I'm not done!

Since the beginning of December I have had a knot under my left foot (on the inside of the big toes pad). This has made me walk a bit crooked, and of course my hip started acting up due to this. I went to the doctor with the foot before Christmas and got a gel to put on that removed the soreness but nothing else. I was hoping it would be gone before the first training in January, but alas no... The knot has made me not being able to train 100% in the dojo, because the knot somehow sticks to the matt. So when I do twists and turns the knot shoot up antagonising pain straight through my foot!

So this Monday I went back to my doctor, and he wants me to get an MRI on the foot to see what it is we're dealing with. Sadly it's 11 weeks waiting, which means I will probably have the knot this whole semester.

Not good news! I do not really look forward to taking my black belt exam on a bum foot... But if I have to, I guess I'll just suck it up and go for it.

And yesterday I went to my chiropractor, and she agreed with me that it's the foot that makes me compensate and give me hip problems yet again. Apparently my body is not a Prada- body (chiropractors words, not mine!), which means my body is not really up to scratch and is extra sensitive. So it reacts faster to change than perhaps other bodies do.

During last nights training I tried wearing Budo shoes to put less pressure on the foot. It worked better than I had hoped. I never once got any pains during training, the knot was just a bit extra sore afterwards. That I can deal with :)

Without these adventures, life would be boring!

Picture by: Sofia Danielsson

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