torsdag 28 februari 2013

Competition preparations

On Saturday it's the annual Shorin Ryu Norway Competition. This year it's our turn to arrange it. So the past few months has been all about planning, and training our karatekas for the event.

Last year I participated in kata and was coach for the youths. This time I'll focus on being coach. I'm hoping it'll get easier this time as I have gotten to know the kids a bit more since last time, and I feel they have really progressed! I'm really excited for the weekend, and I hope all our participants do their best!

We don't have as many participants from the club this year, sadly. Only 3-4 boys and one girl in the youth section, and 19 kids below 12 years. This is due to injuries and sickness that some of our karatekas are suffering at the moment. Hopefully they will be ready for other competitions later in the season.

Picture by: Maren H. Øvsthus

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