lördag 16 februari 2013

The foot story so far

Since the beginning of December last year I haven't been able to use my foot properly at training. This has meant that there are many techniques I can't do as intense as I would like to. The injury is not only affecting my training, but also work. I walk and stand a lot on concrete floors at work, and that is truly heavy duty for already healthy feet. Imagine walking on concrete on an injured foot!

I've been to the doctor twice. Last time he sent me to do MRI on the foot at a neighboring town. He then called me up this Monday, explaining to me what they have found. It's a knot that sits directly on one of the small bones in the foot, and is an injury caused by overloading the foot. The knot itself is harmless (except for hurting like an s.o.b.), and is not growing. My doctor didn't know how to treat it, so he went to consult an orthopedist. On Thursday I got a text message, saying they want to do some supplementing MRI.

I'm now waiting to be called in for a second time, and am hoping it will be a bit quicker than last time. For the first MRI appointment I was given a time at 5th April. A few days later I called them up and asked if they had any cancellations. Long story short, I got in on 2nd February!

The past week I have noticed the front muscle of my lower leg getting really sore after working or walking for long distances. This is due to me compensating to not step on the pea sized knot sitting on the side of the big toes pad. I'm worried that if this goes on for too long I will get some other sort of muscle injury not unlike my right hip injury I struggled with a year ago! So, I'm now trying to be extra careful. I try to walk as normal as I possibly can, I've asked to take more sitting breaks at work, and I use my trusted ice pack on the over worked muscles.

Training with shoes means I don't have to risk getting surprise pain shot up through my foot when I twist my foot on the mat. Though it means I stick to the mat more, and have weaker balance. This means I very often have to take unnecessary extra steps in both kihon and kata. SO when this whole ordeal is over, I'm feared I have to teach myself the proper foot techniques yet again.

Since this is taking a bit of time to sort out before I even get a treatment, I'm not 100% sure I will take the black belt exam in the summer. Sure I'd be bummed out. But that also means I have an extra 6 months to prepare, and will hopefully do a stronger belt exam. As my chiropractor stated, this could actually be a blessing in disguise.

Pictures by: Sofia Danielsson

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