söndag 17 mars 2013


I have had things to write about the past few weeks. But I have been a bit low and not motivated with training, so that has payed its toll on the blog as well. Though I have been doing a few posts on Facebook once in a while. So here is a little summary of what has happened!

Our club was host for this years Shorin Ryu Championship. The competition was very well planned, and seems like everyone enjoyed it. We had a lot of judges and very few referees, so the judges got to try themselves as referees. It's not the easiest thing in the world when you are a rookie, but it went very well and everyone got some practice with some coaching from Terje Årdal.

Due to injuries in the club we had only four on the youth group that participated in the competition. Two of them only participated in kata, while the other two did both kata and kumite. Everyone did a great job, and I could see their progression. Tinus was the only one to take a medal, bronze in kata. Me, I was coach for the day, and I must say it went a lot better than last year! Now I have had time to get to know the kids, and I have learned more on what to look for in a bout to help.

The week after the competition I found out that the knot under my foot is arthritis caused from an earlier injury. There is nothing more to do but wear good shoes. Though I have been sent to an orthopedic for a second opinion. Due to this I still can't train 100% in the dojo, as I still have to wear shoes or take breaks when it hurts. This is really frustrating, since I was counting on being ready for the black belt exam by now, but I can't hop around on the foot for too long! I do hope the orthopedic has a better solution, because as it is now it's very demotivating to go the dojo knowing it will hurt.

But the world doesn't end.

I've put myself up for a coaching and communication course this Thursday. It's a one day course offered for free from the Norwegian Athletics Association. And on Wednesday me and a couple of help trainers from the club are going to be guest trainers for the second graders at a local sports school.

Picture by: Sofia Danielsson

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