tisdag 23 april 2013

Closing in!

Yes! It's less than 1½ month left to the black belt exam! Am feeling more ready every day.

My strength is improving, much due to the physical work I do. I have been trying to do my strength exersizes, but have been forced to cut back also due to my work. Am still trying to do core at least once a week at home.

Since strength is improving, my techniques are improving and I'm more stable and have better balance. The hip has improved, but still has days/periods where it doesnt quite like to cooperate. But with proper warm up this isn't really a problem.

In some of the kicks I still point my knee down a tiny bit, but it has improved since autumn, and will be something I have to work on more in the future. I think it's much to do with my leg strength...

All katas are looking great except perhaps naihanchin nidan. This one I still need to work on to feel a bit more secure with. But since it's just a plus kata I'm not too worried. I'd rather work on my kihon and get some more sparring in.

Since I also have my arthritis to consider, I'm thinking of doing the exam with budo shoes. Though if I keep trainith without shoes for as much as possible I might not need to. I figured I would try out how it works with training on wooden floors and then decide what to do. But since the pain can come suddenly it could me risky not doing it with shoes...

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