måndag 20 maj 2013

Seminar with Iain Abernethy

This weekend we had the privilege to train with Iain Abernethy, expert in kata bunkai. Last time he was here we went through some of the bunkai found in the five Pinan and Naihanchin Shodan. This time he showed us bunkai for the entire Kushanku Dai and Bassai Dai kata!

During the weekend we learned a lot about different types of arm and wrist locks, how to get out of grabs and also a few throws. Most things we learned were incorporated in drills where we avoided attacks, locked the arm, and how to make the attacker incapacitated.

On Saturday we went through the whole Kushanku Dai kata with all its nifty bunkai, some really fancy ones, and some very brutal ones! I had the opportunity to learn to walk through the kata beforehand so that it would be easier to recognise the techniques we were doing. This really helped me understanding the kata and the drills we were doing.

During the evening we socialised over dinner at an Indian restaurant down town.

Sunday was all about Bassai Dai, one of my favorite kata to perform. We learned some interesting history about the name. Many of us thinks it means "To storm a castle", but actually no one knows the meaning of the name. That's just what the kanji means to make up the sounds of the name Bassai Dai. So the original meaning of the name is lost in history. Many of the techniques that are in Kushanku Dai are also in Bassai Dai, so it was a bit easier for both mind and body to go through the techniques.

We got a lot of information and learned many drills and useful techniques. It's really hard to remember everything, but some things stuck to my mind that I want to practice on and also teach others in the club. On this seminar I was the only one representing the club, so I have the responsibility to bring my new knowledge back to everyone else!

Picture by: Sofia Danielsson

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