tisdag 10 september 2013

What doesn't kill me makes me stronger!

It's not a secret that I failed the black belt exam this summer. Of course I'm disappointed, mostly in myself for not pushing myself more in the kumite part. And I'm still processing the emotions that keeps popping up every time I think of the exam. So I haven't really been that keen on sharing it here on the blog, as I don't really know where to start.

During the summer I took a complete break from karate and focused on getting my general strength up instead. So I joined the near by gym and got a good strength training routine from one of the Personal Trainers there. I felt and immediate effect, and will continue training there.

Last week I got a new program to build up my endurance along with my strength. I tried it out this weekend, and it's truly heavy duty! Will be fun to push myself and feel that I'm getting stronger.

I will take the black belt exam again this Christmas. So the plan is to visit other clubs in neighboring cities that are a bit better than us in kumite, and learn from them, as well as train at the gym 1-2 times per week. I don't feel the need to train more kihon and kata than just repeating it at normal training, as I'm quite strong in those areas already.

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