söndag 9 februari 2014

Training for judges and referees

Last weekend we had a mock tournament for local karatekas and judges/referees. No entry fees or prizes were given, just the opportunity to sparr against anyone you wanted to in the dojo. That gave us judges a great opportunity to train as well.

We spent the afternoon in Vågsbygd KK's dojo and got a solid 3 hour training session. Everyone that wanted to got to try themselves as referees, and the karatekas got to do as much sparring as they wanted to. It was a very light atmosphere and it seems like everyone had a good time.

Erik Støen, the head referee in our area, wanted me to start the day as a referee. But I got so timid, and said I wanted to sit on the chair and flag for a few rounds before I started as a referee. They tried to push me into it, and they meant well, but I'm still struggling with my confidence.

But when I finally started as a referee it felt very natural! So I really don't know why I said no to begin with. Perhaps next time I'll start as a referee if I'm asked rather than wait as I did this time.

Afterwards we mingled and had some pizza in VKK's club room upstairs. It seems like everyone had a great afternoon, and I hope we can do this again sometime. Because us judges don't get as much training at competitions as the judges up in Oslo gets. We live in a smaller area and have fewer participants, and sometimes competitions gets cancelled due to too few karatekas or judges.

I feel happy about my performance, and it has given me another nudge to participate at the competition in Stockholm in March. All that is left now is just to find someone that can take care of my dog that weekend, and I'll be set!

Next Sunday it's time for the annual Shorin Ryu Championship. This year its being held in Søgne, west of Kristiansand. I'll be our club's coach this time. We usually have low attendance at competitions from the club, and we have recently had a few people that's been injured for a long time so I'm hoping this can be a good place for us to start up again and getting the club some confidence and inspiration.

Photographs from: Maren Hardeland Øvsthus

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